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first Goba by princesszelee first Goba by princesszelee
this is Goba, the animal my character Zélée ride from my story Princess Zélée
(do not look for the story, it is not written yet :blushes:)

His name (it's a male yes) is Goba inspirated by the Boga, from ROTS the adorable reptil that Obi-Wan rides ! He was so funny and cute !!! (yes he died... :sniff:) As i liked him i wanted to put a piece of him in the story :giggle: but i didn't kept completly the name and invert the B and the G ;p

at the top you can see him in a desert place with his saddle and his attach, this way Zélée can ride him :)
at the bottom, in the wild, a "forest-jungle". that's my favorite. I had fun to do the background it takes me time, i did anything and everything ! just crazy things :XD:
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