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animation : kiss by princesszelee animation : kiss by princesszelee
*click download*

well in my scraps there's an animation test of.... Zélée walking ^^; and i'm submitting a more advanced animation of Zélée and Ormaïn kissing :giggle:

yeah i re-used the space background with Upleas and Nickeas instead of making a new one :p BUT i've got a good reason in fact.
I wanted them first to be in the temple (where all the royal events ar celebrated) but finally i thought it'd be good this scene happens in a space ship (with a big window opening on that view) this way we can really see the 2 planets being re-united (behind Ormaïn there's his planet Nickeas and behind Zélée the one she represents : Upleas)
can there be a better reason ? =D

a bit dedicated to *Trounced here is the famous kiss Deanna ;)
and guess when it happens ?

Princess Zélée and characters (c) :devanya1916 :
Trounced Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
EEEEEEE!! :excited: :love: :boogie: =D :glomp: :excited:

OMG Well, of course, I LOVE IT! It's perfect!! Every bit of it is! Zélée's veil even moves as she leans in to kiss him! :flirty: It's soooooooooo sweeeeeet!!! :heart: And no, there can't be a better reason for using the same background again-- it's just perfect for symbolizing the unification and everything, yes, I agree with what you said completely! :dance: I love it, definitely!

Oh, and it's at the end, when they're in their ship going on their honeymoon, isn't that right? =D
princesszelee Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007
well i wanted you in fact to say it happens at their marriage. that scene isn't describe in any version of the story (for the moment ;) ) but you could guess because of her wedding dress...
on the spaceship for their honeymoon, she's changed that ceremonial dress for another more "simple".
thankies for the :+fav: i'm working a lot on PZ stuff right now, i've made a really hard-worked of the Temple (where the ceremony is supposed to take place until i put that background because, first, of laziness and, second, because of that great excuse i found :p )
first i'll submit that wedding scene i've had in mind for a long time as a pic and then i'll try to animated it (nothing complicated, again a kiss and a zoom).
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September 18, 2007
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