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August 19, 2007
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Raph-Goba they're alike by princesszelee Raph-Goba they're alike by princesszelee
the TMNT movie was released yesterday in France, i saw it and.... :omg: :love: :faint: :heart: IT'S AWESOME !!!!!
:aww: i didn't know it was so based on Raph !!!! :love: :dance: there're so many memorable quotes and there's no boring moment at all ! action all the time, a bit of fun, evolution of minds... :XD: =D :crazy; I LUUUUV IT !!

In the end of the movie i was thinking that Raphael's face was a bit like Goba's (my bolbolkwo character) :crazy: Yeah, i'm surely the only one who will ever think that ! :giggle:
so i sketched that yesterday evening and colored it this morning quickly.

if you're wondering, it's Sokka on the middle left, making a pun (definitely his father's son) from Avatar the last Airbender (any fan ? ^^;)
I drew Raph and Sokka without any reference so i hope it's okay (*bugsytrex will be able to tell me if Raph looks awfull ;) )
Trounced Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I'm surprised I never commented on this before! It must have been because I was laughing too hard! :lmao: These drawings are hilarious-- I'm not familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Avatar, but I love the way you've drawn all the characters in this, and especially the caricatures of yourself. :giggle: Just hilarious; I've always liked this one a lot!
princesszelee Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007
sometimes making non-sense pics is very healthy and is a good exercice.
glad you laughed at my poor madness :giggle:
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