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July 12, 2007
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this is the introduction of the official PRINCESS ZELEE website !!!!
pfouf :phew: i'm pretty pleased of the result ^^ do you like it ? that illustrates a part of the Chapter 1 and it is also a teaser for the whole story ^____^ :excited: (but you have to begin by the Preface)
well hope that'll make you want to read the story !!! ^^ all the links to the chapters are in my ~princesszelee journal entry (check it ! =p )

the website is almost done ! first i gotta test it on the net to really be sure everything is okay then i'll indicate the URL ! ;)
BTW i'm gonna present it tomorrow with two other websites (AniNation and a portfolio) i did during my year of formation. I wasn't supposed to present it it but this is my first website totally made in Flash so it's kinda important :XD: and well that story means a lot to me :heart:

Princess Zélée (c) ~anya1916
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