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She started to run, run again and again… Sometimes she staggered along, but that did not matter. Among all the ferns, it was hard to go fast. She also did not want the others to wonder where she was and go looking for her.

She desired to leave so much. Go away… over there… If only it was possible. She felt discouraged and began to cry, and more tears streamed down her face.

She slackened her arms and rested them a bit. The baby against her— her baby— was not saying a word, perhaps even afraid too, for she felt the despair of her mother and all her uncertainty. Impassively, Xenia moved her head up : a bright light, dazzling on the forest and on the mist. An engine noise… Not them again ? No, it was a different ship (even if she was not an expert, she knew enough about ships to recognize their origins).

Voices, Xenia surmised, would be audible, so she came close slowly, a hand on the mouth of her daughter. She listened and heard voices speak :
- Vus have one hour. Hurry and be cautious.
- Are voa sure that this is what voa want ?
- Of course. There are no other solutions.

- There are always others ! All we needed to do was adopt from an orphanage !
- Ia already told voo, no. Ia refuse to risk my honor. Ia know what they will think about me if I they knew I adopted. Ia will have my own child ! Nobody will ever know about this !
- It is really uncertain… a wild child ! What do voa want us to do with it ?
- Its education will do everything ! And stop arguing, we’ve gone over this enough times. Let’s go …
- Do voa want me to come with voa, your Highness ? It is not advisable.
- It is useless, Vivian.
- If it is as voa order.

The last one inclined and let the two others pass.
Afraid and mistrustful in front of the two strangers, Xenia turned back, staggered another time, and braced herself with her two arms, releasing her daughter’s mouth, who let a scream escape her lips. The queen heard the infant’s cry immediately.

- This way !
- But…

She ran and caught up with the fugitive.
- No, no, no ! Please don’t hurt me ! I… I don’t know anything, I don’t know… Let me go ! Please ! implored Xenia on her knees.
- Who are yoa ?
- Xe… Xenia….
- Is that your child ?
- Yes, my daughter…
- Do yoa want to leave this place ?

Eyes wide open, lost, Xenia remained speechless for a moment, wondering what to say…
- Do yoa want to leave this place ? Answer.
- I… I don’t understand… who are you ?

Xenia was finally able to articulate. The queen sighed shortly, sat on her heels to be at the same level with Xenia, stared at her directly in the eyes, and rested a gentle hand on her shoulder :
- Listen, we are not going to hurt yoa. We can help yoa.

Xenia began to open her mouth, but the queen cut her off with a sign from her other hand.
- Let me finish. If you sell your child to me, we will help yoa escape. Yoa will live wherever yoa want. Yoa will not be able to see her again and you will keep our deal a secret. Those are the only conditions. Do yoa accept ?
- Well… y... yes... yes completely !

Xenia succeeded to stammer.

The queen helped her to stand. Xenia kept her daughter against her and walked with the queen and the others to the ship.
The king, who did not say anything, was observing that strange wild female with a pitiful and sorry face. He also inspected his future child in her arms as well as he could.

Installed on the ship and ready to go, the queen told Vivian, with a nod of her head, to bring what she had promised Xenia. In front of the abundant sum of money, Xenia fell to the floor, pushed her daughter in the arms of the king, sat beside the queen, and looked at her fortune. She knew what it was; she dreamt of it excessively (surely all her life), but she had never seen so much before, not even its shadow.
- Good. That belongs to yoa now. Let’s agree a last time. Look at me, for heaven’s sake ! It belongs to yoa, we will not take it back ! This money is for yoa, yoa are free. Yoa can not to see this child again—do not even try to contact us ! Vivian, here, will stay with yoa. He is loyal, it is to be sure yoa keep your word. Excepting that point, yoa may do what yoa want with your life.

Eyes full of gratitude, Xenia acquiesced, and inclined respectfully.
When they were near enough to Upleas, and when the small escape pod was ready, Vivian took Xenia with him. Vivian looked at his queen a last time, eyes full of pledges and comfort. Just before closing the lock-chamber, Xenia looked through the scuttle and whispered a wonderment only audible to herself :
- So there is life on this planet…, then turning back to the queen, her name is Ma…
- Whatever it is, it is hers no more.

The queen activated the closing of the lock-chamber and watched the ship launch off and away. The king, holding the child in his arms, came near his wife, eyes wet with tears :
- Her mother is beautiful. She will be, as well… It is a girl… We could not be luckier.

He deposited the heiress in the arms of her new mother, who took her tenderly and smiled at her. It was a girl, and no matter the past, it was her own child. The king bent over her and remained this way, contemplating that little hope they thought they would never possess.

Some days later, the birth of the heiress of the royal throne of Upleas was heralded.
In the great temple, where celebrations of all the events of the royal family were held, the child was baptized to be officially declared royal princess and future queen. In this way, holding her in his arms, the Devos declared :
- By the name of your mother Zéninuma, and the name of your father Idlé, Io baptize yoa Zélée, royal princess and future queen of the people of Upleas. Yoa will receive your education in the majesty and the wisdom a queen requires to rule with honor. Become strong to serve your people the best way they may need under your guidance.

End of the Prologue
:pointl: Preface (français)
Chapter 1 (français) :pointr:

I want to thank you *Trounced for correcting all my english mistakes :cuddle:

Princess Zélée (c) ~anya1916
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guava123 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2007
I love it. it's so beautiful.
princesszelee Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2007
thank you a lot for the :+fav: :hug:
i hope you'll read the next chapters and enjoy them :aww:
Rose74 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007  Student Writer
This is a wonderful beginning to an amazing story! You wrote it beautifully, and I can't wait to read more and find out what happens to the baby. :) You have such talent and promise in literature. I hope that you will continue writing. Keep it up, okay? :wave:
princesszelee Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
thank you a lot ! this is a really great support :hug: i'm really glad you like my style, i worked hard on the prologue :phew: :aww:
Trounced Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:excited: :love: :faint: =D :heart:

I'm sooooo excited!! What a wonderful beginning! ^____^ I did not realize you could write so well! :clap: This is very interesting, Anya, I can't wait for the first chapter now! I love the beginning paragraphs, your diction made it very easy to imagine all the action in my mind! :boogie: And yet with the satisfaction of reading the Prologue at last, I have new questions and I want to read further to answer them! :XD: Why was Zelee's mother running and from whom?? Why did the King and Queen have to get secretly purchase a baby to pass as their own?? All this I must know!! =D I'd like to see the first chapter up as soon as possible, but update at any pace you want-- I know you're busy. :) :hug:
princesszelee Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
all those compliments :bow: thank you for the :+fav: and for such an encouraging comment !!!!
even if i'm busy i'll really make my best to submit the chapters with the same time between them (even if there're not that much of people who read it i want to be a author who respect her few readers and fans ;p ^^)

what ? oh i just received a mail from George Lucas !!!! he already wanna make a Princess Zélée movies serie ! loool
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