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The story takes place in 3043.
The year has not been choosed randomly, it is based on the Titan AE story. That is not at all a fanfiction, but this story uses some facts from this movie.


The story happens on Upleas, planet where the main livings are the upleans.
Upleas is desert, with a hot and dry weather. The upleans are not healthy, they suffer of breathing problems but there is no climate changements. The scientists do not explain this ill.

Upleas has a poor ground and does not contain enough water for supplying to all the needs of the people, so it has to be supplied. It is detached in the galaxy, its solar system is bordered by other stars which only make turn around them meteorites or small planets incorrect for welcoming life.
All this makes more than 65% of the wealth are used for buying water. Even if Upleas is handicaped on that side, it is not exploited or threatened in any case by the other intergalactic systems because it can not bring anything.
So upleans live in whole rudeness.


The hearing sense is situated in auditory splits on each side on their neck.
They do not have a nose, but three nostrils. One above each eye and a third situated in the middle on the front.
Hair and hairs do not exist on Upleas, nor tooth.
Upleans have on their head two dead transparent skin strips from the middle of the skull and falling on each side of the head. It is called « leather ».

As most of the beings, the uplean species is divided in two sexs : male and female.
The problem of incest has never been asked, as if any fluids of two members of the same family are melt, the male receiving those fluids of the female is killed. The melting of the two fluids creates a mortal chimical reaction.


The government of the planet Upleas is done by a queen or a king (depends of the sex of the heir/heiress).
The uplean language is really respectfull and there are more personnal pronouns.
Here is a table to make you understand, that will be helpfull for getting the dialogs :

Ia (feminine)
Io (masculine)
________________________________________ ____________________
Yoa (for a feminine friend)
Yoo (for a masculine friend)
Voa (for an unknown, older, respected feminine person)
Voo (for an unknown, older, respected masculine person)
________________________________________ ____________________
She, He
She (for a feminine friend)
He (for a masculine friend)
Vshe (for an unknown, older, respected feminine person)
Vhe (for an unknown, older, respected masculine person)
________________________________________ ____________________
Weas (Ia with a group of females only)
Weos (Io with a group of males only)
We (Ia or Io with misc females and males)
________________________________________ ____________________
Yoas (for feminine friends)
Yoos (for masculine friends)
Voas (for unknown, older, respected feminine persons)
Voos (for unknown, older, respected masculine persons)
Vus (for unknown, older, respected mixed persons)
Yus (for mixed friends)
________________________________________ ____________________
hey (for masculine friends)
shey (for feminine friends)
vhey (for unknown, older, respected mascline persons)
vshey (for unknown, older, respected feminine persons)
they (for mixed friends)
vthey (for unknown, older, respected mixed persons)

It’s always the same thing repeating, you’ll be used to it, do not be afraid ^^ And modifications have been made with time ! Upleans deleted some pronouns, so do not think that is terrible ! You are lucky in fact !


Farrer of the star (a blue star bigger and hotter than our Sun) there is the planet Nickeas. It is a bit larger than Upleas and its climate is totally different.

Both planets do not have the same trajectory : the one of Upleas is oval and the one of Nickeas is a perfect ellipsis.
Upleas, in contrary of Nickeas, has no satellites, its nights are totally dark… Excepted when the orbite of both planets cross every 8 years…

The scientists declared that there is no trace of life on this neighbor planet And the lights we can observe with a telescope are light reflections in some layers of the atmosphere…
Prologue :pointr:

this is it !!!!!!!!! the great Princess Zélée adventure begins !!!!!!!! :dance:
here is the preface, it is really important to read it before the rest of the story, it introduces the most important things and will help you to get everything that it'll be written : especially about the personnal pronouns ! (yeah some grammar to learn ! you thought school was finished ? noooooooooooo ;p)
the story will really begin on the Prologue, i'll submit it tomorrow.

please remember i'm french so my english is not fluent :pray:

Princess Zélée characters © ~anya1916
Titan AE characters © 20th Century Fox
Trounced Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
AWWWWWWWWESOME!! The details you've added to the story are really interesting and quite exquisite; I adore all the rules of the language you constructed for them. And the culture is really interesting, too! =D This is great, Anya! I promise, promise, promise to read the first chapter (how could I not?? I've waited too long to miss it now! :XD: ) when I get enough time. Probably Friday I will be able to sit down and read it thouroughly. :) So count on my comment then! :hug:
princesszelee Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007
and now i'm copy-pasting my answers lol

thanks a lot !!!! :glomp: i'll get so much fans on that story that thousands and thousands of people will start to speack uplean ! and i'll be able to conquer the world and the universe !!!!!!!!!!!!! :mwahaha:
i'll submit the first chapter the next sunday (so july, 2nd) you've got enough time i guess to read the prologue ^^
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