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August 19, 2007
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Merry Uplean Christmas by princesszelee Merry Uplean Christmas by princesszelee
:xmas: HAVE A MERRY uplean CHRISTMAS :xmas:


There's no special day corresponding to xmas on Upleas, but Mimisha tries to teach the different cultures there were on Earth to Zélée, and this time it's Christmas ^___^
Mimisha managed to get some stuff to decorate a room in the palace
- a real xmas tree and the decoration (she was so lucky to obtain that ! it's rare !)
- an hologram-chimney (this way it can be placed just below the window :XD:)
- some clothes (Goba's trying to eat one)
- some imitation snowflakes (falling from the ceiling) and snow (floor and windows/door borders)
- transfer printings (on the window and walls)

But unfortunately for Mimisha, Zélée just enjoyed decorating the room (and herself) but really doesn't care of the origins of Christmas, she just yells a "Jungle Bell" and before Mimisha could correct her on the lyrics, Goba's begun to eat all what he found ! *a bolbolkwo at home is a real pleasure !*
So this is surely the day Mimisha will choose to announce to Zéninuma (who's just coming in) it's time to Goba to live on the stables and no more on the palace ! Because she thinks now, he's bit too big and tall for that (even if Zélée pretends he's just a big boy !)

Queen Zéninuma is just wondering what's happening here and she's a bit sad to see her daughter looking so delighted with her servant... Sure she never spends time with her but well... she can be a bit jealous anyway... she's a mother and she'd like her daughter to spend all her best time with her !

here, Zélée's 7 years old (and already taller than Mimisha), Mimisha is 23, Zéninuma 37 and Goba 3


i don't know how many hours I spent on it but WOW it's surely one of the drawing that took me the longest time (with your part of art-trade deanna ;) ) i really took my time to make it look as good as i could :nod:
Near the end when the background -except the tree- and the characters were finished i wasn't satisfied and thought "that's gonna be ugly anyway..." and when i made the xmas tree : everything looked good ! :giggle: so in fact, it's the super star here ^____^

I also added the frame to show the pic as a greeting card and added "UPLEAN" (written by Zélée ^^) and Merry Christmas in the uplean alphabet (read first bottom line from right to left and then the top line left to right) and perfectly translated it'd be written "Merri Kristmas" (Y, C, H don't exist on the uplean alphabet =p )

Princess Zélée © ~anya1916
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natsynchro Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010  Student Artist
LOOOOOL on dirait que le diable en personne s'est emparé de Mimisha!!

ben pauvre Goba, c'est pas sa faute ^^'
princesszelee Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
elle s'est donnée du mal pour tout mettre en place et Goba est en train de tout ruiner lol un bolbolkwo d'intérieur, c'est dur à assumer =p
natsynchro Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010  Student Artist
le pauvre il doit pas être habitué à l'intérieur et à nowel!!
princesszelee Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010
noël non, mais l'intérieur oui, il a grandi à l'intérieur du palais comme "bolbolkwo domestique" à la demande de Zélée, mais c'est à partir de ces incidents que Mimisha va demander à la reine de le faire vivre à l'écurie parce qu'il est trop gros désormais pour vivre avec eux (le pauvre)
natsynchro Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010  Student Artist
u_u ben fallait réfléchir avant de le sacrer bolbolkwo domestique!!
j'adore ce dessin!!
princesszelee Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010
si ça ne tenait qu'à Zélée, elle le garderait dans le palais, elle le trouve pas trop gros pour vivre avec eux =D
natsynchro Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2010  Student Artist
j'imagine bien, c'est toujours les autres qui veulent plus du gentil animal de compagnie qui bouffe tout v_v jamais les belles héroïnes =D
princesszelee Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2010
disons que Mimisha c'est "la voix de la raison" (et puis elle est imprégnée de son éducation terrienne)
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Trounced Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
:excited: :love: :excited: :love:
Oohh WOW! It's so lovely! =D I really like how you figured out how Zélée could celebrate Christmas-- thanks to Mimisha teaching her about human holidays. That was so clever of you and I think it's really interesting! :aww: Zélée is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute and makes me feel so happy looking at her! :boogie: And you got that head angle so well! :wow: Mimisha's dilemma is hilarious... Goba is just a "big" boy. :lmao: *bows down to the super-star Christmas tree* It is a most beautiful tree! ^__^ I love how you got the needles of the tree to look so much like an Evergreen's; I'll never learn how you are able to accomplish such mysteries with Photoshop! :giggle: This is a superb holiday picture, Anya!! :+favlove:
P.S. The Uplean writing is so awesome! :XD:
princesszelee Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007
yeah a head up is not that easy so i'm glad it looks good ! :phew: :)
omg i forget to talk about my carpet in the description :roll: even if it's a great carpet ! (well i know it's hidden by the tree, Zélée, Mimisha... lol)
you know, in fact i'm a bit fascinated by it lol i look at it thinking "I made that ?" as i'm proud of the result ! i get the idea a while ago and i thought i'll never be enough courageous to have it finished as all the time it needed
i worked on each little part like this part was the whole deviation and deserved all attention ! (as Zélée's crown made of wood and galands and holly or Goba's drool on the clothe he's eating...) i had to do that the next times :giggle:
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