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Karoa's back by princesszelee Karoa's back by princesszelee
Dedicated to :icontrounced:
I had the idea of a comic bringing Karoa from the dead a long time ago, because *Trounced was soooooooo disappointed he died :giggle: and in the next chapters after he was shoot she was still hoping he'll be back ! She really didn't want to think it was the end for him =D
So here's Karoa, he's coming back and wants to take Zélée.

C'mon Deanna, ya know it'd end this way, don't you ? Ormaïn will never let Zélée go ! He's like the hero here :#1: i love him so much :love: :giggle:

I'm really proud of it, i hugely love each panel on its own (i'm not narcissic but i really like what i've done :XD:) but they could fit one another better
The backgrounds are crappy :p i didn't want to let it all white so i tried... that :disbelief:
Quickly and badly colored on Photoshop with a terrible shading lol (but i worked a lot on the sketch, isn't it obvious ?!)
I wanted to draw Zélée and Ormaïn kissing for a while, but i didn't know how to turn it and finally, thanks to that comic it happens ! (it's more Ormaïn kissing Zélée here lool poor girl she's all giddy)

COMMENTS AND :+fav: more than encouraged !!

Princess Zélée, Zélée, Ormaïn, Karoa © ~anya1916
Trounced Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
OMG You brought Karoa back to life only to kill him again! :lmao: I don't think that's fair! :XD: But this is insanely funny; I've been laughing at it for five minutes! :giggle: Everything is hilarious-- I just LOVE the picture of Karoa bounding in on the first panel, and Zélée is completely stunned. LOL Karoa even has a little band-aid where he was shot. :laughing: Ormaïn is Super-Ormaïn in this comic! I like him this way, like James Bond almost: Smooth, urbane, and dangerous. lol =D You should definitely be proud of all the drawings in this comic; it's wonderfully done and all their expressions are perfect! And personally I don't think the backgrounds are crappy, just simple, which is good-- anything more complicated would have just distracted from the characters! :love: I so adore this, thanks for bringing Karoa back (for those few, brief moments!!)! :+favlove:
princesszelee Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2007
it was a pleasure to draw them, spending a week sketching every evenings Nickeans was great and a good excercice as well =D
i'm glad you noticed the details i added (as the band-aid)...
and finally, Ormaïn who's really poncif-looking, is appearing as a James Bond ! :#1: he has his day of glory finally :aww:
i'm so glad it made you laughed :hug:
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August 19, 2007
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