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January 21, 2010
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Bolbolkwo meme by princesszelee Bolbolkwo meme by princesszelee
the original meme is for horses, but I don't have a horse as a OC and I wanted to try to draw Goba in different styles =p
(drawing him is so much fun and it's been sooo loooooong :ohnoes:)

Original meme [link] by *Diikae

Princess Zelee and characters (c) me ! *anya1916
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Awwww,so cute :iconawwplz: :heart: Great work on all of them :la:
Diikae Jan 24, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for doing my meme, in spite of this character not being a horse? Lol, that amused me. Nice job on the adaptations! You can tell the style, even though the character is a dragon. Poor, cut out panels however. lol
it was truly fun !
a friend did it with her horse OC and I wanna try it even though I don't have an equin OC, so I took this one. It's not a dragon, in fact, it's bolbolkwo (alien species =p)
and yeah, i was too lazy to search for references of some equin artists... bad me :ashamed:
Rose74 Jan 21, 2010  Student Writer
Oh my gosh, you're alive! :excited: I missed you! I so totally have to read your story again. Great on this, and keep it up! :D
Yes, this account ain't dead :giggle: Glad to know some of my watchers are still here :hug:
I've worked a lot on my novel since november (this story is becoming bigger and bigger each time I work on it :omg:) I hope I'll get it published soon...
Rose74 Jan 22, 2010  Student Writer
Yeah, I've finished two original stories, and I'm trying my hardest to get them finished. But when you're living in a small, backwoods town in Pennsylvania, there isn't a lot of opportunity to get noticed. ^^; I miss New York City, getting published would have been so much easier. *sigh* But oh well. Keep up the wonderful work, and I'll drop by again! :D
2 stories ? you're productive ;)

I live in the countryside and it's hard to think I'll ever get published because of my isolation :sniff:
Rose74 Jan 24, 2010  Student Writer
I'm sorry, I meant to say I'm trying my hardest to get them published, not finished. Sorry. ^^; Oh my gosh, you live in the countryside? :O_o: How do you cope? I just live in a small town, and it's a struggle for me to accept being here and getting up in the morning. I'd go crazy in the country side. ^^; But hey, everyone had their preferences, ne? Best of luck with your story. :thanks:
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